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Home Warranty FAQs

Home Service Corporation services thousands of Metro Detroit customers with home warranty contracts. Here are answers to some of the most common questions we hear from customers:

What does my home warranty cover?
Each of the home warranty companies have a variety of agreements with a variety of coverages. With the number of plans we work under, we are not able to confirm coverage on each and every situation.

Do all home warranties require the home owner to pay a deductible?
Yes, the overwhelming majority of plans require the home owner to pay a deductible (co-pay) on each service call.

Why are some repairs not covered?
Each contract has specific items and dollar amounts of coverage. Often the Technician must contact the home warranty company by phone and request authorization for a repair. This assures you that you receive the coverage you have chosen.

What terms of payment for the deductible (co-pay) does Home Service Corp. accept?
Home Service Corp. accepts cash, check, and major credit cards at time of service.

If the service is not approved by the home warranty company, what are the options?
The Technician can sometimes have you speak directly with the representative of the home warranty company to get an understanding of the reasons the repair is not covered. Home Service Corp. is a full service independent plumbing, heating, air conditioning, and electrical service and installation company. If you choose, they can make a repair or an installation that is not covered by the home warranty.

Do you do service for the utility companies?
We are an authorized vendor for the local utilities for their home warranty programs.

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Home Service works diligently to keep the cost of a service call as low as possible and still provide exception service to our customers.